For all laboratory managers who want to design and control different automated processes using a single digital platform


- overwhelming the team,

- losing the flexibility of a manual approach,

- the need of specialized engineers.

Synaptic Lab Solutions at a glance

Our comprehensive range of advanced solutions empowers you to take control of your lab devices and device combinations, enabling you to automate processes, streamline workflows, and optimize efficiency. Access your data securely from anywhere and at any time, facilitating seamless collaboration and data-driven decision-making.

Easily automate lab processes that save you time and increase efficiency

Have your experimental data automatically recorded, safely stored, and always accessible

Reduce human errors and increase reproducibility

Increase your lab’s safety and get the flexibility to conduct your experiments at any time thanks to remote processing

Have a solution tailored to your experiment and that you can modify on the fly

“Together with OSPIN, we developed a complex process control which was adapted perfectly to our needs. It was an outstanding cooperation ending in a setup which can be easily adapted to processes with varying demands. The user interface is easy to use and allows a deeper understanding of the experiment due to the many data recorded by the system.”​

Dr. Sven Ziegenbalg
Project Manager at IBZ-Salzchemie GmbH & Co. KG

Multi-device and multi-phase processes

  • Control processes including any number of devices
  • Program complex processes including any number of phases that can be grouped in loops
  • Make on-the-fly process adjustments which are automatically tracked
  • Interlink devices and set control loops and end-point conditions

Image: devices connected to a gateway

Image: customizable data dashboard

No more manual logging and errors

  • Let the software record all your experiment data and visualize them in a customizable dashboard
  • Clone process recipes for reproducible and consistent results
  • Create reports in one click or download data for further analysis
  • Have all your data saved in the cloud and accesible from any browser

Remote, continuous processing

  • Have devices working together for fully automated processes that do not need any manual intervention
  • Monitor and control your processes and devices remotely from any browser
  • Set individual device warnings in your dashboard

Image: sensor alarms can be set, so that when a value is out of boundaries the user is notified

Image: automated solution developed for IBZ-Salzchemie GmbH & Co. KG

Customizable, flexible solutions

  • Chose device combinations for tailored experiment automation
  • Modify device combinations when your experiment changes
  • Interlink devices to create new functionalities on the fly

Ready-to-use solutions

Core solutions

Get a Core license and start monitoring and controlling any of the solutions described here.


Automatically pump into your vessel while mixing your solution with a magnetic stirrer.


Automatically pump into your vessel while mixing your solution with an overhead stirrer.


This solution allows you to reach and control the desired pH in your vessel: when the measured pH is below your target, an alkaline solution is pumped into your vessel.

Of course, you can also define an acid-based controller that can actively lower the pH.


With this solution, you can dose solutions reliably, accurately, and automatically. You set in the software UI the mass of solution you want to add to your vessel, and the pump dispenses it automatically based on the feedback from the scale: when the target amount is reached, the pump stops.


1x Pump; two models are available: 

1x Temperature probe

With this solution, you can automatically stop or start the pumping into your vessel based on the measured temperature. For example, in case of an exothermic reaction, in the software UI, you can set at which temperature the pumping of a reagent in the vessel must stop and at which temperature it must start again.


Control the temperature in your vessel with a magnetic stirrer and stir your viscous solution with an overhead stirrer.

1x Overhead stirrer Hei-Torque Ultimate 200, Heidolph

1x Thermostat; three models are available:

This solution including an overhead stirrer and a thermostat enables you to program the basic environmental parameters for chemical reactions. The stirrer speed can also be controlled by the temperature in the vessel.

Expert solutions

Each solution described here is available with an Expert license. 

With this solution, on top of the basic chemical reactor functionalities, you can also control the pH in your vessel.

1x pH sensor ARC Easy Ferm Plus, Hamilton

1x Overhead stirrer Hei-Torque Ultimate 400

1x Thermostat; three models are available:

With this solution, on top of the basic chemical reactor functionalities, you can also trigger a change in the mixing speed and the temperature based on the measured pH. For instance, this solution can automate chemical reactions that must stop when a certain pH is reached.

This chemical reactor, on top of offering pH-triggered functionalities, allows you to automatically, accurately, and reliably add the required amount of reagent or reactant to your vessel.

This chemical reactor, on top of offering a pH control functionality, allows you to automatically add a reagent or reactant to your vessel.


This device combination allows you to reach and control the desired pH in your vessel: when the measured pH is below your target, an alkaline solution is pumped into your vessel; when the measured pH is above your target, an acid solution is pumped into your vessel.

You did not find what you are looking for?

Create your own solution – you can see any component of the aforementioned solutions as a building block. From these modules, you/we can create arbitrary new applications. Ask us for a specific device combination or build one yourself.

Read here a case example featuring a custom solution we developed for one of our customers.

License plans

It includes the control of individual devices and simple, pre-defined Core solutions. With one license, you can use all available Core solutions.

Discover here all features included in Core.

Ready-to-use solutions

  • Hydrogen
  • Helium
  • Lithium
  • Beryllium
  • Boron
  • Carbon
  • Nitrogen


It includes the control of one of the advanced, pre-defined Expert solutions. The control of individual devices and of Core solutions is also included.

Discover here all features included in Expert.

Ready-to-use solutions

  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Scandium
  • Titanium
  • Vanadium

Looking for a solution that you can’t find? We can custom develop it for you, just write us!

Start using our Synaptic Lab solutions is easy!

Step 1

From us you get a gateway with a licence key and the devices part of the solution you requested. Connect the gateway to the internet and the devices to the gateway.

Step 2

Go to, create an user account and enter the licence key your received with your gateway: your devices are now online and ready to be used.

Step 3

Design your process by creating phases where device settings are defined. Then click on start, sit back and relax! You can still change your process whilst it is running.



For the basic license only a one-time payment is required.

Easy to start

There is no need to convert your whole IT organization to our software or to buy expensive equipment. Start with a simple solution and add more devices along then way.

Easy to use

With an introduction of less than 1h you are fit to start using our software. No coding skills are needed.


All data are saved on servers in your country and are protected by state-of-the-art technology – take a look at our whitepaper about cloud safety. Of course, you can also download all your data.


Our offer of supported devices is growing every day and includes devices of different manufacturers.

Feature list

Process design and execution

Receipe-based process control
Filling for larger column 😉
Manual and time-based phase transitions
Parallel process execution
Single device processes
Multi-device processes
Up to 2 devices and 1 sensor
Customizable, predefined solutions
Interlink devices and create controllers on the fly
Conditional phase transitions

Data and monitoring

Any device combination
Timeline synchronization between datasets
Download of individual datasets
Customizable dashboard for data visualization
Alerts on dashboards
User rights management
PDF reports
GMP certification
Custom user rights management
Digital signature
Streaming webcam
Any device combination
Any device comnination
SMS and e-mail alerts
Any device comnination
Any device comnination