OSPIN provides labs with automated and digital solutions that adapt to their processes

Our products and services

Consulting for process automation

Seeking the optimal automation for your chemical or biological process? Our experienced team analyzes your process, devises best-practice scenarios on suitable devices, and provides support by:

  • Exploring and comparing automation strategies
  • Developing user requirement specifications and conducting risk assessments
  • Performing feasibility studies for the ideal automation approach
  • Assisting with process and equipment validation to meet quality and regulatory standards

Synaptic Lab Solutions

Looking for a flexible, automated digital solution that adapts to your evolving process requirements without needing specialized engineers? Choose Synaptic Lab solutions, offering:

  • Multi-device control for complex processes
  • Automatic recording and secure storage of experimental data
  • 24/7 remote process execution
  • Customizable setups with on-the-fly modifications
  • Automation without specialized engineer assistance
  • Reduced human errors and enhanced reproducibility

Some of our customers and partners

We are co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund

"It was an outstanding cooperation ending in a setup which can be easily adapted to processes with varying demands."

Dr. Sven Ziegenbalg
Project Manager at IBZ-Salzchemie GmbH & Co. KG

OSPIN and Heidolph collaborated to create Hei-PROCESS. It integrates lab devices form Heidolph and other manufacturers using OSPIN’s software platform. Branded as Hei-PROCESS by Heidolph, this innovative automation system is fast, cost-effective, and customizable. It has successfully automated manual chemical processes for companies like IBZ-Salzchemie GmbH & Co. KG, proving its effectiveness as a comprehensive automation solution.

Powerful process design and automation in a no-code environment

All our products and services are powered by Synaptic Lab. a cloud-based software platform for remote device monitoring and control, intuitive and powerful process designing, automated data logging, safe storage of produced data, and data access and visualization from anywhere, anytime.

Our expertise

Process automation


We have experience in automating lab processes in many different fields, from cell-therapy to chemistry.

Lab processing software

Our cloud-based software platform was developed over several years and integrates the feedback of countless companies and research institutes.

Device connection

Cloud-based software
We connect any piece of equipment, from fermenters, pumps, scales, sensors, probes, and valves to complex bioreactors.

Behind the scenes

We have started our “Meet the OSPIN Employees Series”, where each week an OSPIN employee answers the same six questions – or five, as some were scared by the question about superpowers 😉

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