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We help ambitious companies to digitilize & automate their processes

Our products and services

Bioprocess automation consulting

Are you looking for the best way to automate your bioprocess? Our bioprocessing team thoroughly analyses your process and creates best-practice scenarios for process establishment on the adequate device. In particular, we support you by:

  • exploring and comparing different automation strategies,
  • developing user requirement specifications and performing risk assessments,
  • carrying out feasibility studies to assess the best automation approach.

Furthermore, we help you to fulfill quality and regulatory requirements by providing expertise and support in process validation and equipment validation.

Hei-PROCESS - Make your lab smarter

Are you looking for a solution to avoid data loss, repetitive tasks and unreproducible results in your lab? Would you like to easily share data with your co-workers? With our intuitive to use, affordable, open platform Hei-PROCESS:

  • lab devices are monitored, controlled, and interconnected by a same software,
  • processes are easily designed and automatically executed in your browser,
  • all your data are automatically saved in the cloud and are accessible anywhere, anytime.

The most suitable lab devices to automate your process are provide by us. No coding skills are needed: our software is so intuitive and easy to use that no training is needed.

Processes in browser with the OSPIN App

All our products and services are powered by the OSPIN App: a cloud-based software to control your entire device fleet.  You can design processes,  let connected devices automatically run them, interact with the generated data, and collaborate with you colleagues anywhere, anytime. 

Our expertise

Bioprocess automation

We have experience in automating bioprocesses in many different fields, from cell-therapy to cultivated meat.

Lab processing software

Our cloud-based software was developed over several years and integrates the feedback of countless companies and research institutes.

Device connection

Cloud-based software
We connect any piece of equipment, from fermenters, pumps, scales, sensors, probes, and valves to complex bioreactors.

What's new at OSPIN?

Last week we successfully installed one of our Expert solutions at IBZ-Salzchemie. Thanks to the combination of OSPIN App and devices from Heidolph Instruments GmbH & Co. KG the customer can now design and execute automated processes in browser – and all generated data are automatically saved in the cloud. Are you also an ambitious company thinking of automating and digitilize your processes? Contact us and book a demo!

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