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Our products and services

Bioprocess automation consulting

Automated T-flask cell culture

Are you establishing a bioprocess that will need to be fully automated and scaled up/out? Did you establish a manual bioprocess already and are now looking for the best way to automate it? We support you by:

  • exploring and comparing different automation strategies,
  • developing user requirement specifications,
  • performing risk assessments,
  • carrying out feasibility studies and assessing the best automation approach.


OSPIN app UI - Devices view

Are you looking for lab devices that can be controlled through a same, easy to use software? Are you dreaming of a software allowing you to interconnect lab devices into different setups? We offer:

  • lab devices monitored and controlled by the OSPIN App,
  • a user friendly interface,
  • one single location for all your data accessible anywhere, anytime,
  • the possibility to interconnect different lab devices and make them work together.


All our products and services are powered by the OSPIN App: a cloud-based software to control your entire device fleet.  You can design bioprocesses,  automatically run them, interact with the generated data, and collaborate with you colleagues anywhere, anytime. Check the video on the left: creating a bioprocess has never been so easy!

Our expertise

Bioprocess automation


We have experience in automating bioprocesses in many different fields, from cell-therapy to cultivated meat.

Bioprocessing software

Cloud-based software

Our cloud-based software was developed over several years and integrates the feedback of countless companies and research institutes.



We have extensive experience in developing and working with hollow fiber bioreactors, stirred tanks, rocking motion devices, and perfusion-based bioreactor integrating any kind of vessels.

What's new at OSPIN?

Our new office is set up and – as somebody pointed out – has (almost) more sofas than desks 😉 Other characteristics: no table tennis (because we are not a startup anymore or maybe because we are not cool enough), a kitchen with dishwasher set up overnight by our CTO Jan, customized fruit baskets delivered every week, and the Playmobil version of Greek Goddess Athena helping with tough decisions.

Come to visit us 🙂

New office

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