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Automate and connect your devices through the OSPIN software

The modularity of the OSPIN hardware allows us to seamlessly equip your devices with the OSPIN cloud-based software. An IoT network enables communication between your devices to automatically control complex bioprocesses. Furthermore, OSPIN IoT modules can be integrated into your existing device fleet to offer more possibilities for your customers. Check out the technology behind the OSPIN software here.

Why Integrate?

Used on Heron, CT and CM


The OSPIN recipe-based controls execute complex processes on your devices remotely and without any human intervention.

Used on IoT, R&D, Heron, CT, CM

Data collection

OSPIN software integrated devices automatically record every data point and event of a process in an easily accessible and secure online API.

Used on OSPIN IoT

Virtual lab

An IoT virtual lab is greater than the sum of its parts. Interconnected devices facilitate state of the art experiments.

Seamless integration

Once integrated, your devices function in an IoT lab with machines from other manufacturers, facilitating endless functionality.


With an internet connection and an RS232 intersection, your users can instantly use the IoT lab.


Flexibly create new mesh devices from single purpose machines through the IoT mesh network.

Used on OSPIN IoT

Easy to use software

The OSPIN cloud is the backbone of the OSPIN IoT lab. To upgrade your bench-top devices, we integrate your system into our platform. Learn more about the OSPIN cloud here.

OSPIN IoT Network

Heidolph-Instruments has integrated the OSPIN software into various devices. Below is a showcase of their fantastic instruments you can add to your IoT lab.

Connect the OSPIN glucose sensor to your lab devices through our intelligent IoT network.

The high performance peristaltic pump Hei-FLOW Precision 06 by Heidolph for extremely high reproducibility can generate pre-defined, automatic pump control units to facilitate more efficient pumping processes.

The high performance overhead stirrer Hei-TORQUE Precision 400 by Heidolph for powerful stirring up to 400 Ncm with full control can set-up a feedback system between medium perfusion cycles and your lab's liquid overhead stirring devices. 

 The high performance magnetic stirrer Hei-CONNECT by Heidolph for comprehensive process documentation and reproducible results can control RPM and stirring duration of your solutions automatically.

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