A unified platform for all your

Supercharge your lab

OSPIN Cloud enables your team throughout the entire bioprocessing lifecycle, from process design and development iteration to record keeping and data analytics.

Many devices, one interface

Monitor and control your entire bioprocessing fleet from one dashboard, whether at home or in the office.

Streamline bioprocessing

Your team needs a simple to use, powerful interface so they can focus on the biology. The OSPIN App takes care of the rest, saving countless hours for the whole team.

Empower your team

Enable virtual controls with a variety of permissioning options. Share devices and processes with collaborators on a view only basis, grant operator permission to your technicians, and centralize device access with admins.

Secure your data

The OSPIN Cloud implements data security and privacy as  first class concerns. Our product comes with 24/7 automated device and system health monitoring, ensuring an error free experience.

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OSPIN Cloud simplifies the complex and automates the rest
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