The App for all your data, processes, devices

All your data - one interface

The OSPIN App supports you throughout all your process steps, from process design and development to record keeping and data analytics. All generated data (e.g. sensor data, process data, etc.) are saved in the cloud and are accessible anywhere, anytime.

Would you like to know what does a cloud approach mean for the safety of your data? Take a look at our whitepaper.

All your devices - one interface

Monitor and control your entire bioprocessing fleet from one dashboard, whether at home or in the office. The App is device-agnostic – any device type can be integrated.

Powerful, and easy to use

The OSPIN App has an intuitive interface allowing you and your team to focus on the biology and save countless hours. Start by telling your device what to do in every stage of your experiment, click on “start”, and then watch your experiment unfold automatically.  

Are you interested in integrating your device fleet into the OSPIN App?

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