Is it in your lab, yet?

Hei-PROCESS revolutionizes the way your work in your lab, execute and design processes, and handle data. Hei-PROCESS merges the excellent lab devices from the company Heidolph Instruments and the powerful OSPIN App. You can now control and monitor Heidolph lab devices as well devices from other manufacturers from your browser, where processes are designed and automatically executed, and data are always accessible. In the App, devices can be combined to create new functionalities out of the existing ones – as an example, two pumps and a pH sensor can be combined to create a pH controller.

Learn more about Hei-PROCESS in our brochure.



For the basic license only a one-time payment of 2.500€ is required.

Easy to start

There is no need to convert your whole IT organization to our software or to buy expensive equipment. Start with a simple setup and add more devices along then way.

Easy to use

With an introduction of less than 1h you are fit to start using our web app. No coding skills are needed.


All data are saved on servers in your country and are protected by state-of-the-art technology – take a look at our whitepaper about cloud safety. Of course you can also download all data.


Our offer of supported devices is growing every day and includes Heidolph devices as well as devices of other manufacturers.

Available packages

  • Up to 6 processes can run in parallel
  • Devices can only be used independently – 1 device/process
  • Any device having a digital interface can be integrated
Hei-Process Core


  • Combinations of unlimited number of devices
  • New functionalities can be created out of existing devices
  • Any device having a digital interface can be integrated
Hei-Process Expert


  • Free device combinations created by the user
  • New functionalities can be created on the fly
  • Any device having a digital interface can be integrated
Hei-Process Ultimate


Receipe-based process control
Automated data logging
Remote control of single devices
Cooperation of different devices in a fixed set-up
New functionalities out of existing devices
Integration of OSPIN and 3rd party devices
Depends on setup
Full configurability of setup for user
Parallel process execution per Gateway

How to get started

To get started is easy. From us you get a gateway with a licence key and the lab device(s) you requested. All you need to do is to:
Step 1 – Connect the gateway to the internet and the device(s) to the gateway.
Step 2 – Go to, enter the licence key and start designing processes in your browser.
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