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Excellent hardware

Innovative software

Hei-PROCESS Cloud revolutionizes the way your work in your lab, execute processes and handle data. Hei-PROCESS Cloud merges the excellent lab devices from the company Heidolph Instruments and the powerful OSPIN software. You can now control and monitor the Heidolph lab devices from the OSPIN App, where all process data are also stored. In the App, devices can be combined to create new functionalities out of the existing ones – as an example, two pumps and a pH sensor can be combined to create a pH controller.

Would you like to know what does a cloud approach mean for the safety of your data? Take a look at our whitepaper.


Intuitive user interface

No prior knowledge about automation and process is necessary to start working with Hei-Process. With the intuitive design of the OSPIN App, it is easy to start automating your processes.

With the intuitive design of the OSPIN webApp, it is easy to start automating you processe

Open system

Our approach to process automation is agnostic of device manufacturers, as long as the devices have a digital interface, they can be integrated and controlled through the OSPIN App. Using our developer API, it is also possible to connect to existing LIMS.

Bottom up approach

Digitization of our entire lab can be a daunting task. With Hei-Process you can start at the level of process you are already executing, adding process automation and automated documentation step-by-step.

Available packages


Receipe-based process control
Automated data logging
Remote control of single devices
Control of process parameters
Cooperation of different devices in a fixed set-up
Integration of OSPIN and 3rd party devices
Depends on setup
Full configurability of setup for user
Parallel process execution per Gateway

Are you interested in integrating your device fleet into the OSPIN App?

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