Expert: when 1+1 is not 2

More out of your devices

Automated mixing and pH control

This Expert solution allows you to automatically mix a solution in a reactor vessel and to control its temperature and pH. Two pumps are connected to reservoirs of acidic and basic solution and the measured pH value is compared with the pH limits set by you. If the measured pH value is found to be outside the limits, the corresponding pump is activated to bring the pH-level in the reaction vessel back to the target range.

Automated Dosing of solutions

Automated dosing

This Expert solution allows you to dose solutions reliably, accurately, and automatically. You set the amount of solution you want to have in your vessel and the pump dispense it automatically by getting constant feedback from the scale: when the target amount is reached, the pump stops.

Automated mixing of different liquids

This Expert solution automates the mixing process of different liquids by weight.To pump a specific liquid into the mixing vessel, the associated pinch valve is opened and the pumping begins. Once the target weight is reached, the pump then reverses the pumping direction to purge the tubing of the liquid just pumped back into its vessel. This way the dead volume is minimized and only the target mass of liquid is dispensed into the mixing vessel.

Cascaded mixing

With this solution your can create different reaction products that then automatically get transported to the next mixing station where there are to be reacted again. By using a combination of magnetic stirrers and overhead stirrers, the specific needs of different reactions are met.

Stirred tank reactor

With this combination of devices a closed reactor system is realized. A pH sensor and two dedicated pumps control the pH value in the vessel, while the temperature is controlled through a water bath and a temperature sensor. A third pump fills and empties the system; an overhead stirrer agitate the solution in the vessel.

Depending on the type of reactor glassware that is chosen, more sensors can be added, e.g. biomass or conductivity.