Facilitating complex bioprocesses

Used on cell therapy

Technology that adapts

OSPIN helps bring your cell therapy to market by improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your bioprocessing. In order to custom develop your automation needs, we analyze your bioprocess, perform a feasibility study to verify the best way to automate it, develop a fully functional prototype, and finally produce machines complying to your quality standards e.g. ISO-13485.

Used on Cell therapy and Heron

Reduce costs

We alleviate cost intensive steps through optimization and automation through your entire operation.

Used on CT, Heron, CM


Our closed-system devices reduce contaminations, while removing the need for large clean rooms.

Used on Heron, CT and CM

Custom design

Design a fully customized solution that adapts to your processes not vice-versa.

Used on IoT, R&D, Heron, CT, CM

Cloud control

All process data is stored on the cloud and easily accessible for analysis and extraction via the OSPIN web-app.

Our Expertise. Your Product.

Through our experience in cell therapy, we’ve developed a foundation within the core steps involved in cell therapy production. We adapt our versatile devices to your bioprocessing, developing a solution that creates a cell-specific environment tailored to your product.


Automated isolation of different cell types from biological samples.


Cells are automatically seeded, cultivated, harvested and reseeded.


Automating all differentiation protocols, from cell scraping to particles dispensing and more.

Used on cell therapy
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Complex process?

Our technology adapts to your process, not vice-versa